New kind of anonymous messaging app


Turtle is a new kind of anonymous communication app. Turtle is an app that lets you message people and remain anonymous for three days. This concept leads to more fun and genuine conversations.

Turtle 2.0 includes many new features and improvements such as:

-Instagram integration

-Location, age, and gender

-School pages

-Friend lists

-And more

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16 Reviews4.3/5

Tried it out and it seems dope. The design is pretty cool. I can definitely see this app taking off. The idea is really unique and it offers people more courage to message other people.


No judgement and less fear of instant rejection


Nothing yet

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This app is truly beautiful and simple to follow and use. My school has adopted this app quickly and the response of my peers has been very positive and impressed.


Beautiful UI and UX

New Socoal Media Experience

New Approach to Conversations

Tons of Features



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Thanks Andre!

Its a new and interesting take on anyonymous messaging and I've definitely made new friends and connections through the app


Very clean and simple interface that is easy to navigate


More pics to be allowed

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Thanks Shadi!

V2 was a step in the right direction, cant wait to see what Turtle has next to show us


being able to message someone anonymously is a fun idea



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Thanks Mohnish 👊🏻

I love this app, really, the UI is just so beautiful, and the transitions so smooth, it seems they did care a lot about UX, and paid special attention to little details (it annoys me the most when people just don't care about this things). The idea behind the app is astonishing, and I congratulate whoever thought of this. It is wonderful to be able to meet new people and let them judge me by who I am, talking with someone about Tolkien's masterpieces, or how we think Esperanto shares deep concerns about hope, and so goes on. However, I think this app suits everybody, even if you are just having fun meeting new people or plan to meet you new best friend, Turtle will do the job.

By the way, you can find me at: https://turtle.lol/abraham



-Meaningful conversations (I love the concept)

-Curious name (it caught my attention)

-Fast (Surprisingly faster than I expected)


It says Gifs instead of GIF 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Thanks for the very thoughtful review Abraham!

Waiting for the Android version to be released :(


Loved the promo video.


Not available on Android