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#2 Product of the DayOctober 25, 2015
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similar to hola?
@ourielohayon We are very different from Hola. We do not use P2P or any of your computers resources like Hola does. The only thing similar would be that you can stream Netflix among other services.
With Tunlr, you gain access to our network of addresses where the content you want is available. Change your location to access your favourite TV shows, movies, and music worldwide.
@erictwillis Thank you very much for adding us Eric. It is greatly appreciated!
I like that you show pictures with Ubuntu desktop but it's not supported yet
@noxowe Hi Lazlo, we hope to have Ubuntu Support soon.
Google signin doesn't work and no wrong email/pass notification.
@nucro Hi Orçun, it would be great to gather some more details on what the issue was. Would you kindly send us the Google e-mail address you would have tried signing in with to "support@tunlr.desk-mail.com"? We have not been able to recreate the problem and would like to have the opportunity to get the Google signin working for you - Paul
What would be the pricing? I use getflix paid $39 forever ​https://deals.thenextweb.com/sal... and works awesome :D also tried before unlocator and great service too.
@deambulando Hi Chema, we will offer great deals on pricing once we move into a Premium version of our product. For now, we just want to gather valuable user feedback to help improve our product before we reach that stage.