Discover new music with stacks of tracks at your fingertips

@sammybauch what do you say to the idea that music discover is the most overly solved problem on the internet? @aten https://soundcloud.com/product-h...
@eriktorenberg that music is the most popular thing in the world, so yeah, it makes sense that it's a popular problem to "solve"
But to get serious - overly "attempted to solve" might be more accurate IMO. I certainly wouldn't say the problem is even remotely solved at all for the vast majority of people. And there's no upper bound. As in, does anyone ever really reach a point where they say, "I don't want to find any new music"? So yeah, it's a crowded space, but I think we're doing some interesting things. It's so mobile native - simple, low commitment, great for those unanticipated down times, like standing on line at the grocery store.
@eriktorenberg shots fired! :) @sammybauch - what made you build this product? How were you discovering music before? Who is your perfect user?
@aten the why really came more from thinking the spotify API was interesting and wanting to build something with it. And thinking a lot about app constellations and deep linking. Initial concept was actually a dating app but response to that was lukewarm. I mostly discover through spotifys new releases and editorial playlists. Ideal user is less than a music snob? If that makes sense? Someone who knows their library is stale but doesn't keep up with the latest trends?
@sammybauch @aten it's not that i say "i don't want to find any new music" it's more that I never say "man, I wish i wanted to find new music and I don't know any existing sites that can help me with that". that said. i can't wait for music hunt. hip hop hunt to be specific.
@eriktorenberg sure, fair enough. I don't think I'd be as excited for music hunts as you. I think music tastes are much more personal, whereas products lean more towards objectivity
Yeah it's another Tinder for X. And similar to some other products that have been hunted. But I do think we're doing some novel things here. I've been discovering a lot of new tracks as well as forgotten gems, and saving them to spotify for later listening. nnHappy to answer any questions and would love your feedback!