Tuft & Needle

Sleep on an honestly crafted bed at a fair price

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I'm one of the founders at Tuft & Needle, AMA
Also, how much capital did it take to get a prototype out the door, and then a first real run? Did you take pre-orders? Are you profitable and if so, how long did that take?
I love these types of products, and think more should find their way to PH. @daehee How do you figure out how to make a physical product like this at first? Where'd you build, find material, find people who know HOW to make a bed?
Thanks for posting, and welcome, @daehee! We had a really fascinating discussion about how you went from a regular tech worker to starting a really different kind of mattress company that is now #1 ranked on Amazon. Could you tell your story to the PH community?
Daehee, the site and the product look great! Bookmarking for the next time we need a bed!