Every morning wake up with the greatest mindset

Every morning wake up with the greatest mindset.
Begin the day by getting inspired to grow your knowledge and expand your way of thinking.
Small bites of information from books, articles, podcasts delivered to you via Facebook Messenger.
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I like the idea but seems super expensive to receive basically a text. It would be one thing if there was audio or video or some unique content. You can get the same inspiration from Instagram for free.
IMO a better way would be to deliver this information via email newsletter and make it free and supplement it with ads for useful products like Blinkist etc. Just my 2 cents : )
I'm not sure why I would pay for this when I can curate the same thing for free in Twitter...?
@parag_r Hey Michael! Thank you for sharing your opinion. I am working on adding video content as well in addition to text, it’s coming very shortly 💪 Instagram is overwhelmed by famous quotes, but no direct source link to know more about that quote. With Tuflou, I wanted to share short passages (not famous quotes) taken from books, podcasts, blog articles… with a direct source link that takes you to the book, or article or podcast. On the roadmap I also have choosing the category of the content, let’s say “Business” or “Science” or “Network Marketing” and get specific Tuflous of them. If you would like to check it out in action, here is a 50% off code for Product Hunt launch: PH50 Would love to hear your feedback after trying it 💪
How do you pronounce the name?
@tim_nugmanov Hey Tim! That’s a good question. I created Tuflou as I believe Twitter and Instagram are both full of information, you scroll, read and think you assimilate everything. Tuflou is a way to distance information from the mass content, and get something short and easily eatable directly to you, every morning when you wake up. To start the day with a tiny bit of more knowledge, and off course, if you would like to know more you can view the source and learn more. You pay for the direct and personal feeling. I’m very open for suggestions on how to improve it, and would love to hear yours! Ps. thank you for taking the time to leave your comment 🙏