Blue Apron, but for healthy kids lunches

TuckrBox is a meal delivery service for healthy lunches for your kids.

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Heard TuckrBox on the podcast The Pitch.
I don’t see anything specifically healthy in these boxes. I also object to the thinking that children will only eat infantilized food, that’s just not true. Kids brought up eating interesting food, and kids that were involved in food prep from an early age, will develop an adventurous palate. Nothing wrong with pizza and tacos, but make them proper pizza and proper tacos, not some soggy approximation.
@andreasduess If you only knew... Read this book written almost a hundred years ago before modern medicine had a clue... https://m.egwwritings.org/en/boo... Audio version http://ellenwhiteaudio.org/couns...
@andreasduess As the founder, I can tell you these meals were made with nothing but the best ingredients and were nutritionally balance across a week for a child age 4-10 yr old. They were tested by a top nutrition group who consulted on the project and every box took weeks to construct to meet our standards. The pizzas, for instance, are cauliflower crust, and the meatball was turkey and kale meatballs.