The real-time analytics dashboard for YouTube

Thanks everyone for voting! I built this in the last few months to "scratch my own itch". I built everything from the logo, front-end to back-end to billing myself. Here's my write-up on it: Hope you enjoy it and I'd love to hear ProductHunt's feedback on how to improve it!
@levelsio Very cool you can already list high profile users. Did you ask them to trial your product? And do you see active use from them? Also smart move to show a product demo (see related links).
from the same guy who made, you're on a role sir!
@bramk thanks! :) @yvoschaap I've tried to follow the lean philosophy and contacted customers first. A portion of those now use it. Also, for some reason without any previous outreach many big brands just signed up by themselves. I'm doing my first press for Tubelytics now, so will see if that helps more.