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TubeChat is a short-range social messaging/gaming app, connecting users in areas with low connectivity such as the London Underground.

TubeChat utilises core Bluetooth® technology to make incognito connections to other TubeChat users within a 50m range. The launch version allows up to seven users at a time in each carriage to chat and play.

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Little bit envious here. About 18 months ago I had an idea to make a messaging app which worked over Blueooth, mainly for use on the Tube. And someone's gone and done it! Will be giving it a try this weekend. Be interesting to see how quickly it grows.
@stevenjmesser Hey Steve! Thank you so much for sharing us with the PH community. Awesome to hear you believe in the idea and will follow our progress. It's super early days for us and we are still navigating loads of technical challenges but would love to get you involved as an early adopter/family member. shoot us over an email at and lets coordinate. Looking forward to hearing from you.
I've dreamt about something like this for a long time! Well done. I might take the tube just to try it out!
@rorybw Thank you so much for your encouragement, it's amazing to hear. Would you be up for being included as one of our early testers? Testing on tube included :)
Just downloaded it. Congrats on the launch!
@haris_adu Thanks so much! It's super early days and product still has a long way to go. Would love to hear your feedback and keep in touch.
Such an amazing idea. Too there's no one in my area 😞
Hey @futi thank you so much for downloading the app and trying us out, I really appreciate your encouragement!! We've lot a long way to go with growing our community but hopefully as we evolve and the product improves people will start using it more too :)
Looks great! What's the deeper purpose behind this app? How can it be beneficial for the user?
Hey @ben_mcnamara great question! The deeper purpose behind the app is to engineer serendipity. In big cities like London 100's of people pass each other by daily and the world is full of these missed opportunities/friendships, my aim is to get more people connecting a non-serious fun way. One more thing to add although smartphones are often critised for making us more disconnected I believe that TubeChat will trigger more real life and face to face conversations/experiences between users.
@ninachinoo your answer is unbelievably in line with my values. At the end of the day, we are all part of one play ground and the tension in the playground (particularly in London) is increasing. We need to stop staring at each other become receptive of one another and at least give people a smile. Tube Chat can add so much value toward bringing people closer together. Absolutely fantastic work. I would love to chat with you further!
@ben_mcnamara awesome to hear we are on the same page! Boosting positive vibes and smiles is exactly what we wanna do. Are you London based? How best to contact you?
@ninachinoo Awesome. Drop me an email, look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you Ben! You've got mail :) @ben_mcnamara