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I'm interested in these new ideas about social networking sites, but I'm curious to know whether any will gain traction. Everyone was pumped about Ello for about 5 minutes and I thought maybe they'd break through but it looks like they have run in to some problems (not sure if others got their weird e-mail or not)...Tsu looks interesting, and even though I'd really love to participate it feels like I have enough social networking stuff going on with FB/Twitter and I don't really want to leave all of that behind...it's hard to start fresh on a new FB account for example. I'm not 100% convinced, btw, that people really care that much that their information is being sold. There's a vocal minority that are outraged (and rightfully so I think), but even some of the big-wigs in the industry like Robert Scoble have basically said- They're providing you a service that you enjoy, and they're offering it to you free because you're submitting anonymous data that they use to provide you a better service. I understand the ethics and I'm not trying to oversimplify, I just think the majority of people are okay with that social contract.
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@UXAndrew I agree. There is a concern but it's mostly driven by journalism and the human concern of losing control. I think we are mostly fine with Facebook. I just signed up for Tsu and have dug around, there is nothing compelling here for me right now, and I am still not sure I understand the "get paid for your content" element. Also, not sure if a social network that is incentivized by profit is going to be the one with the richest content.
@narekk @UXAndrew This is what I call the "Evernote Barrier". When you first go to Evernote, there's no real value for you. The value comes after extensive use. The same is true of Facebook, although less true of Twitter. Facebook has value when all of your friends are there and there are tons of photos and you like lots of celebs or groups or whatever. Ello has the "Evernote Barrier" dilemma. After extensive use, maybe there's something to do, but at first, there's nothing....
@uxandrew You guys are very very Wrong, Let me give you something Casey said ! We have Frienster now! So it's no need to ever build a Myspace or Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I think the social space in the way we share and communicate, especially via technology is an evolution. There is never an Arrival... There is only a progression! -Casey I agree 100% with this.
Tsui requires that you sign up with another user's handle. Feel free to use mine via this link: http://tsu.co/jtzou
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Not sold on this simply from because money is a) an extrinsic motivator and b) the least effective motivator If you've never seen Dan Pink's talk on motivation, then drop everything and watch it now: http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_pin... Even if you look at this from a gamification perspective - in the SAPS model, cash is what works the least in getting people to do sustainability do something again and again http://www.gamification.co/2010/...
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@AnujAdhiya I tend to agree. There really is no "why" other than we will make you money.. not sure that is going to get you the type of people you are looking for.
Every social network already pays their users. They just don't pay them cash. Instead, they pay them with Dopamine every time someone likes, favs, comments or RT's one of your posts.
@KevinLeeHenry "we're in the [dopamine] delivery business. [social networks] are a delivery device for dopamine"