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Hey guys, founder here! A big thank you to @kat for hunting us. We’re excited to launch Tara exclusively to the Product Hunt community. Tara is the on-demand team for small business, built on top of a community of 50,000 pre-screened developers, designers, growth hackers and copywriters. We’re YC W15 (Gradberry, Inc), and decided to launch Tara on a separate domain, enabling the AI recruiter with chat functionality. Think of Tara as a Siri for hiring project-based experts. In natural language, chat with Tara about the specifics of your project. Within minutes, Tara will send you a fixed quote and assign your experts according to skill and expertise from our pre-screened community. No more back and forth negotiating on hourly fees, or technical specs. Your fixed quote is guaranteed, and a dedicated project manager oversees the project, to ensure seamless, on-time delivery. Most of our customers have been solo founders, and small teams, looking for dedicated support for software dev, design and even customer acquisition. The below are the most recent requests via Tara, and are projects that are now nearing completion: “I need a Python crawler" “I need a website, UI/UX Design and full brand identity" “Can you build me an inventory management system?" “Write me an article in Spanish." Please note that it is early, and we apologize in advance for any delays. We’re currently at 50% automation with the chat functionality and working our way up. Love to hear your questions, we'll be here all day. P.S. Quick tidbit: T.A.R.A. stands for Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Automation, is built by a team of ML engineers, but enabled by human assistance as it’s still in learning mode.
Would love to see a case-study on a successful project that has come from this :) What if the app/site is a really difficult concept to understand? I'm assuming this is more leaning towards building MVPs for founders looking to test out their market. Does Tara give any advice when asking to build an app? Like if I was asking Tara to build something and wanted a certain function, but the professionals behind Tara know that actually a different function or the same function packaged differently could work better - would that be said? Guess that may be going a different way haha. Maybe I'll start a on-demand startup feedback chat app :) How do you deal with pricing? What is the typical price? Are emails better suited for projects like websites/apps because there are usually lots of things to discuss and lots of detail?
@bentossell you've got the gist of it down. We not only do MVP's but also fully fledged software's and internal tools for larger companies too. While the chat bot takes on the initial conversation and is quickly able to provide pricing and quotes on blog content, design work and sales leads. For more complicated projects such as apps and websites the chat is transferred to a sales engineer who can help the customer with advice and possibilities of bringing their ideas to life in the most cost effective manner. Pricing really varies for web and mobile apps depending on complexity, how fast the project needs to be delivered. Overtime TARA should be able to provide advice on web and app frameworks as well, we're streaming all the chat data into our ML software so TARA can not only provide a team to get you started but also the best options to get projects up and running.
@syedahmedz Awesome. So for a site/app its likely that the project will move away from the messaging format and onto something like calls/emails for the intricate details? Do you offer some out of the box solutions? So having some templates coded together like a 'Tinder for X'/'Product Hunt for Y' type solutions that people could buy? Same for some back-end solutions too?
@bentossell @syedahmedz Precisely. Although Ben, we have seen detailed technical specs and project scenarios translated directly through the chat interface, without the need of follow-up calls or emails. We are also looking in to out of the box solutions, with a base framework or set of code, that can be used as our very own open-source tool-kit as we build more software (this also helps keep our software projects affordable for founders or small businesses, and allows for lesser coding time for developers on the platform).
@bentossell This would be great to have
Oh My. This is really really good. I was just talking with TARA about a simple ERP System which I need to implement in limited budget. And she actually replied me like a real person. Very intelligent!
Looks good, Iba! A Slack integration might be really nifty for our team. Would save us the hassle of going to oDesk to scale labor up and down.
Creepishly cool!!!