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@4nkush · CEO, Try.com
Thanks everyone that commented - we've updated our FAQ with a bunch of stuff that you asked: https://www.try.com/faq Lots more updates & impprovements in the pipeline! Really appreciate the feedback and support from the community. Keep it coming 🙌
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@4nkush · CEO, Try.com
People keep telling us that we're crazy. That it simply can't be done. That this is just how ecommerce works. But we don't want to live in a world where we're not in control of what we spend our money on, and that's why we had to build Try.com. We're tired of finding out that it doesn't quite fit right. That the fabric is itchy. That we have to wait 14-days… See more
Kelsey Whelan
@kelseymwhelan · design and code @netflix
My goodness this is going to be dangerous. Just tried my first item. 😍 A lot of these retailers already make returns p easy, but psychologically it feels like much less of a commitment when I'm just 'trying' something. Nice work!
Laurent Desserrey
@ldesserrey · Design at Tribe, Snapchatters, Leak
Cool product. Congrats on the launch. Just curious, how did u get the domain name? :)
Nebo Radovic
@eniac · Marketing, Machine Zone
Love the product, used it a while ago and got the most awesome shirts I have. The guys are quite knowledgeable and love what are they doing, which makes this service the go-to spot if you are too lazy/busy to do shopping. Easy and super convenient.
Dan Polaske
@dpolaske · Operations at Sprig
Looks great guys! Excited to give it a whirl. Tried a similar service when Shop It To Me was doing this. UX comment: I would guess some users would get discouraged from entering their address as the first interaction with the site. It feels like this step should happen once more value is conveyed and it is a bit more clear how the whole process works.