Trustnav Security Suite

Browse the web without distracting ads & invasive tracking.

Trustnav Security Suite makes your browsing experience better by getting rid of distracting and often unsafe ads, hiding unsafe search results, and making your days stress-free by keeping your devices safe from malware, ransomware and viruses.

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Works as it promises. It is fast an non intrusive.


Fast and non-intrusive


None by now

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As someone who isn't an expert on anti virus software, how should one compare between the options available? What makes Trustnav Security Suite special? Thanks @jaserodley
@abadesi Thanks for asking! Our anti-virus software is still in development so a direct comparison isn't possible, but something that may answer your question right now is on our ethos/views. It seems most anti-virus software is amazing when it is first released, free or cheap to use and really efficient to run on your device. Then year on year they introduce new "features" which add no or little value, and seem to continually pop-up and drive you nuts. We're strong believers in simplicity and minimalism. We want our products to be feature packed, sure, but not at the expense of your time or your devices' resources. So while we'll need to adapt our software to future changes (operating systems, new styles of exploits, etc) our ethos will remain the same. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
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