Olga Lanova
Great Idea! How do you plan to extend the service to other locations? Who will check and talk with a potential babysitter? Do you have a way to protect a babysitter by collecting data about families?
Anand Iyer
@ai · Father, Husband, CEO
@olgalanova Hi Olga, we've been looking at our demand and activity from various cities as well as how best we can match supply in those cities. And our plans to expand primarily depends on how best we can tee up our providers there before we can ensure they are able to start working. As for vetting the providers in other cities, we will do that ourselves - we take pride (and a great deal of comfort) in meeting with our providers in-person. Granted this is hard to do at scale, but we have an idea to fix that - one we've already implemented here in the SF Bay Area (some secret sauce here :) As for data collection - our providers are our employees. When they get hired, they sign an employment contract with us that prohibits them from collecting and storing any such PII on their personal devices. Our privacy policy also clearly states that any PII we collect is used to ensure that we can provide the best quality care. Net-net: our providers are trained to provide excellent care. Aside from that, we ask that they follow parents' lead and only do what parents are comfortable with. More about our privacy policy here: https://www.usetrusted.com/privacy