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With Frank you're getting one simple thing: The most important news of the day from the best newspapers in the world.

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This is my go to app for news


Up-to-date news from trusted sources!


UI could improve a little

Some of the "Most Trusted Sources" are not necessarily factual most of the time.
@sebastiangodel Hey Sebastian. Definitely agree. That's why we try to have different sources for every story and let the reader decide what they want to read. But yeah, it's tough finding a great balanced mix.

Would suggest using crowdsource process to tap into primary source resources that could give your breaking stories more validity. Great job on the product!


Love the design, the value proposition and the way you guys are tackling the problem.


Fake news cannot be completely validated by being referenced on popular sites. Would love a way to get primary source validation.

Hi everybody! Thanks for checking out Trust Frank. We built Frank because we wanted to build a place we could always go to and figure out if something was true or not. So Frank does just that, it looks for news from top sources and uses Natural Language Processing to match similar stories together. That way we can see a story from multiple angles. Simple and straightforward. Oh and we also send 1 or 2 breaking news alerts per day in case you're into that. If you have any questions let me know!
@diego_guadarrama Love the concept and downloaded, am wondering when you will have it open articles in app instead of Safari browser? Could replace Apple News for main breaking news if you had it all stay in app, is frustrating to bounce out of app to browser. Great work though so far.
@bradungar Hey Brad. That’s actually how we had it originally but then it turned into a nightmare getting it approved by Apple, so we decided to launch it as is. But we are definitely going to try it again on our next update!

This could* become an app in my main screen


Like Quartz but with relevant content curated from multiple outlets