Trump VS Clinton Augmented Reality

Who would win in a fight between Trump and Clinton?

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Some friends of mine have been working on a game using augmented reality. They were talking about who they think would in a fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and they realised that they could use their game platform to actually do this. So I present to you Trump vs Clinton so you can use your smartphones to battle our US presidential candidates against each other! Democracy in Augmented Reality!! Play takes three easy steps: 1. Print the AR anchor (available from our website) 2. Download our app (Genesis Augmented Reality, available iOS and Android) 3. Battle! Select 'Freedom Mode' i.e. the US flag on the main screen of the app
@christopher_87 haha this is awesome!
This is awesome!
Haha! Oh my! Looks like fun
If anyone has any questions or requests, please let us know. We find this heaps of fun to play, but are always excited to make it better!!
OMG you should partner with Pokemon and release a version where you can use this on Poke cards!! :D