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Trumail is a fast and accurate email address verification API written entirely in Go. It was built with the intention of providing software engineers and businesses with a simple and easy to use solution to bounced emails.

Nitesh Agrawal
Szentmarjay Tibor
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  • Nitesh Agrawal
    Nitesh AgrawalFounder, Indiez

    - It's FREE!!!

    - Very easy to use


    Not a con! But scale?

    Will it work on scale? Say verifying 1M emails?

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Gregg Housh
Gregg Housh@gregghoush · Activist, CTO, TV Consultant
My working email says "deliverable: false". Which is wrong.
@Anna Shamkova
@Anna Shamkova@anna_shamkova · Email Marketing Manager
@gregghoush my also...
Josh Lewis!
Josh Lewis!@joshlewis
@gregghoush Mine too. I've found several email addresses that are said to not be deliverable, but actually are.
sandeep kumar
sandeep kumar@sandeepkumar · Co-founder at Weblegit
@gregghoush We have written a similar service, would help if you can try with ur email
Ted@goofernator1 extension emails are all marked as disposable, why?
Hrant Arzumanyan
Hrant Arzumanyan@hrantarzumanyan · Programmer, Tumo
After using it for a while, I think that this tool has many aspects to progress in. This would be a very nice product if it works properly in every situation.
sandeep kumar
sandeep kumar@sandeepkumar · Co-founder at Weblegit
@hrantarzumanyan This is indeed true. What makes it harder is the fact that this is essentially namespace mining and mail servers do not like it. We did something similar with scaling, performance and ease of use at . It is a good problem to solve.
Bernardo Couto
Bernardo Couto@bernardo_couto · Tech Entrepeneur
@hrantarzumanyan I think that if you want to use in scale you have to use a dedicated service like TheChecker: They have the best prices and accuracy, I mean only $690 for 1M email verifications.
Robin Vivant
Robin Vivant@r_vivant · Software engineer at OjingoLabs
I don't get the hype around this. If you read the doc on the github, it says it simply connects to a mail service provider via a way older protocol (telnet) and ask it to send an empty email to the targeted email address. This is simple as fuck to implement yourself and very low resources consuming. That's why this API is proposed free, on a probably low-spec heroku shared instance, which is NOT something you want to rely on for your production app. Lastly the address it checks emails against is ``, which I could only suppose it linked to Please don't let yourself be fooled by branded free simple API's. Makes me sad.
sandeep kumar
sandeep kumar@sandeepkumar · Co-founder at Weblegit
@r_vivant The basic premise is really simple but unfortunately it does not works as easily as documented. The trick is essentially namespace mining and mail servers do not like it, one would easily be blocked after certain number of such calls. Secondly establishing socket connections with mail servers every time on scale in a synchronous fashion is not scalable. Thirdly all mail servers behave differently, for example aol does not even accepts connections from unknown/new IP's. Some punish you for first few tries and then let you to connect. When companies spend as much as $30 to acquire a customer through adwords, it does makes sense to spend a extra penny to help users to correct their typo mistakes in their email address.
Arthur Guiot
Arthur Guiot@arthur_guiot · Developper
Do you have an API status page (response time + availability)? Just to see if it can be integrated with big projects
sandeep kumar
sandeep kumar@sandeepkumar · Co-founder at Weblegit
@arthur_guiot While I cant really answer for trumail , I can suggest for real time email verification for scale and response time. Best thing is that you have to add only one line for front end integration to prevent typos and spam emails.