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Find anyone's email on LinkedIn 🚀

TrueLeads provides accurate contact information for top prospects and candidates while you search on LinkedIn. With the click of a button, TrueLeads gives you access to over 220 Million contact records in an easy to use dashboard. Use code PH25 for 25% Off!
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Bridge Technology Partners
Nice product! I'm a recruiter and this makes it easy to quickly find personal emails while I'm on LinkedIn - thanks for building this. I was utilizing RocketReach prior and paired both up against each other for a few months with a conclusion that both locate primarily the same contact information with TrueLeads much more affordable while offering more credits per month. Are you guys looking to expand to other social platforms? GitHub?
We believe in human connection.
@christiandimare Thanks - glad you like it! Yes, we plan to expand platforms in the future (including GitHub) but starting with LinkedIn first as that's where most of our users prospect!
I’ve been using this product for a few months now (as a recruiter) and it has been a game changer. As a recruiter, I am often one out of many others in the LinkedIn inbox of a candidate. With Trueleads, I can stand out by taking the extra step by connecting with them through additional contact information such as their email or phone number. The results have been successful and I have connected to many candidates with the help of Trueleads. The design and functionality is sleek and simple. The chrome extension makes it easy with a click of a button while on the candidates LinkedIn profile! I highly recommend using this product!
We believe in human connection.
@lexus_olvera Thanks, Lexus, glad you like it and appreciate the support! A lot of our users are recruiters actually as I know you guys spend a lot of time on LinkedIn!
Not to discredit the effort the team have put in beyond the data privacy issues, but I tested it on my own profile and it just guessed my email (incorrectly mind you). {firstName}.{lastName}@{company}.com
Software engineer.
@dylan_hrurukvit2 Interesting, we actually do no type of guessing or generation on our end whatsoever. What we will say is that our data partners are not always perfect, and we really do try to minimize the amount of rogue data like this in our system. We plan to implement a reporting functionality so data points like this can be handled accordingly and manually. In an industry where breached data and generated data is pretty prevalent we really are trying to solve a problem here by NOT doing what a huge majority of our partners are doing by generating emails or just fabricating data, unfortunately this is common - one company fabricates a data point and its stored and re-stored by other companies. With our reporting functionality we plan to implement manual vetting as often as we can so that we can actually provide a source of truth for our customers rather than a data store of falsified information. We have a LOT of competitors, and a vast majority of them don't hit the mark for the exact reason you mentioned, we want to be better than that, our pricing and model shows that - we have day jobs that we love! We really just want to provide something valuable rather than just another duplicate data extension. Truly sorry that your experience seemed under par, if theres something I can do to bring you back or show you some true value, reach out! Would love to show you what were all about. - support@trueconnect.io