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Yahya Mokhtarzada
@yahyamokh · Founder, Truebill
Also, I should mention we're hiring engineers. If you're a Node.js programmer give me a shout!
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Yahya Mokhtarzada
@yahyamokh · Founder, Truebill
Hi Everyone, I'm one of the cofounders of Truebill. We've been working hard for the last few months to make Truebill the best platform to find, track and manage your subscriptions - give it a try and we'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks!
Jordan Metzner
@mrjmetz · CEO, Washio
been using TrueBill for a few months now and am loving it. I get a great digest of all my bills for both work and personal spending
Hiten Shah
@hnshah · Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & Quick Sprout
A tool for anyone. If you've got subscriptions with recurring payments, Truebill will help you manage and cancel them. I don't see a reason why people won't love this! Sign up and save money.
Adeel Raza
@adeelraza · CEO at MailMunch
Been using Truebill for a couple of weeks. Super useful! Found a few subscriptions I wasn't aware of and was able to cancel those easily. Great work @idris and @yahyamokh!
Mattan Griffel
@mattangriffel · CEO, One Month
Love the team behind this.