True Gault

Custom-fit shoes tailored with 3D imaging


Scan your foot with your phone, get a handcrafted shoe made to fit perfectly with 3D imaging!

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Chuck Pettid
Fabrice Thilaw
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  • Fabrice Thilaw
    Fabrice ThilawSwift. Build stuffs to ease lives.

    This product is a very pragmatic solution for a real-world problem. The shoes look beautiful and tailored for the women in the video.


    Only available for women, in America and Canada. Men also deserve tailored shoes, don't they ?

    I wrote a post on my blog, to present the product with more details. I invite you to read it :

    It's really ingenious the use of 3D technology to solve this well known problem. Congratulations Sandra Gault

    Fabrice Thilaw has never used this product.
  • Sandi Rygwalski
    Sandi RygwalskiSr. Director Presales

    Great product and solution for people who spend a life in their feet and want to look terrific!


    Always looking for more styles

    As a long time customer I would highly recommend this prododuct, the quality and customer service are outstanding. They stand by their products 100% to ensure you get the comfort you expect from a custom shoe, what more would you want?

    Sandi Rygwalski has used this product for one year.
  • Chuck Pettid
    Chuck Pettid@

    custom made


    more casual shoes would be nice

    i like how the team has experience in high tech cameras and fashion

    Chuck Pettid has never used this product.