True Gault

Custom-fit shoes tailored with 3D imaging

Scan your foot with your phone, get a handcrafted shoe made to fit perfectly with 3D imaging!

  • Fabrice Thilaw
    Fabrice ThilawSwift. Build stuffs to ease lives.

    This product is a very pragmatic solution for a real-world problem. The shoes look beautiful and tailored for the women in the video.


    Only available for women, in America and Canada. Men also deserve tailored shoes, don't they ?

    I wrote a post on my blog, to present the product with more details. I invite you to read it :

    It's really ingenious the use of 3D technology to solve this well known problem. Congratulations Sandra Gault

    Fabrice Thilaw has never used this product.
  • Sandi Rygwalski
    Sandi RygwalskiSr. Director Presales

    Great product and solution for people who spend a life in their feet and want to look terrific!


    Always looking for more styles

    As a long time customer I would highly recommend this prododuct, the quality and customer service are outstanding. They stand by their products 100% to ensure you get the comfort you expect from a custom shoe, what more would you want?

    Sandi Rygwalski has used this product for one year.
Cool product @sandramgault I would love to know more about how you make such a personalised business scaleable? Thanks
@abadesi We use real-time manufacturing and the factory we work with in Spain has ample bandwidth to continue to work w us as we scale. The good news is that we are "factory agnostic" - as long as we feel a factory is able to make our shoes to the quality we insist on, we can work w/ many factories. As we scale we will be doing this.
Great job @sandramgault and team !! I’m speechless after seeing the video. Just one questions do you guys have plans to expand this to the wider market especially other countries ,would love this to come to India,hope you have plans to launch your brand on Indian market 😊
@ayush_chandra We'd love that too! We are in the midst of serious talks w/ an international partner, so we are very much thinking about expanding beyond N. America.
@sandramgault if you ever need help for India ,always let me know would be happy to help you guys 😊
@ayush_chandra Appreciate that. Thank you!
Amazing concept!! I simply lovvvee it!! :D Just one question do you'll do international shipping?
@kydyzyx We do (for a slight premium if you are outside N America). If you are able to DL the app and scan from your country (our app is not avail in all countries), then we will ship to you!