Apply to companies together, as a team

Work for the best, with the best people you know! Troop is a tool for you to apply to top companies with people you've worked with in the past or other talented techies you'd love to work with.

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Hi PH Family! πŸ‘‹ Excited to launch Troop today, a way for teams to apply together to companies. If there is a match with a company, teams are considered more holistically through the process and apply with complementary roles. We all want to work with people who we've worked well with in the past and Troop is a great way to explore careers together. We'd love feedback and suggestions on what we're doing! Feel free to message me or comment below. If you're a company, we'd love to talk with you as well! As always, thanks for the support :)
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Recently a friend emailed me asking if I knew of any engineering teams that were looking for an acquihire. The supply for teams like this are small but this is an interesting take on the competitive recruiting space.
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@rrhoover feel free to forward them!
There are so many problems with recruiting β€” both on the side of the recruiter and the candidate. Most of the time, candidates are viewed as data points in the system; companies fail to see things like passion and chemistry potential. Having teams apply is a fantastic idea. Team chemistry is a very important element of success and as a company, I would love to recruit talented college student teams that have worked together in the past.
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This is amazing! Such a unique approach to recruiting. Coming from someone who's recruiting hard along with all my classmates and friends, and looking forward to applying with them. I love it!
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I feel this could really work for the advertising industry, where it's common practice to apply to jobs as a creative team of copywriter + art director.
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