Trolley Jump - Fly back to the retro world.

Made by a couple with passion for vintage and retro games :)

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Return to your childhood dreams where everything was possible... Jump into the mysterious world with the cutest #RetroCat in the whole retro universe. Feel the magic of old fashioned 1-bit retro style game, fly with the cat as far as you can, do fantastic acrobatics with your trolley, reach new levels and enjoy new equipment: rockets, new wheels and modern designed trolley. Features: - Party mode (up to 16 players!) - iOS9 ready - tvOS compatible - Endless gameplay with 16 levels of upgrading your character - Many worlds to discover - Compete with your friends with GameCenter leaderboards - Gain XP for each jump Available on iPhones, iPads and AppleTV!
@angeliquetoque This is a really cool game! I saw on Twitter that you made it in 2 days. What was that like? Where did the initial idea for the game come from?
@jakecrump Yes that's true, we had some kind a hackathon last weekend! It was a CHALLENGE, we wanted to prove that we can create whole game in just 2 days. It was really difficult because right now we are working on productivity app, and it's about to launch so we don't have much time... Whole idea is quite funny. I mean one day we went to the shopping center and I decided to sit in trolley while we were looking for the things to buy. We were laughing all the time, people were staring at us, we took crazy photos and videos. That day inspired us to create Trolley Jump. We wanted to do something easy, and funny that people might like, and what make them laugh!
@angeliquetoque That's really cool! Sounds like it was a pretty fun process!
Just downloaded the app and will play with it a little during my lunch break!