Troll Cakes

A bakery and detective agency for mailing cakes to trolls

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Ali R. Tariq
Product Designer, Axonify
And now for something completely different ... This bakery doubles as a detective agency that you can hire to track down those pesky trolls in your comment boards and have cupcakes sent to them. The best part: the cakes have the trolls' comments written on them. Here are the full options they offer: "OPTION 1: Troll Cake Send us a troll comment and the address of whoever said it. We’ll turn the comment into a custom Troll Cake and mail it to their home or work. OPTION 2: Troll Cake + Detective work Send us a troll comment. We’ll investigate, make a custom Troll Cake, and mail it to the troll's home or work. OPTION 3: Tiny Hands Special We'll send a Troll Cake of your preferred Trump tweet to the White House. OPTION 4: Pre-Trolled Cake Pick any Troll Cake from our website or instagram. We'll recreate it and mail it (with a screengrab of the original comment) wherever you like." Kill 'em with sweetness!