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A map-based marketplace for real-time visual information. Trivyol allows users to request info about a location via photo, video, or text. Trivyol is for info that is unavailable or out-of-date online. Trivyol’s network of local users fulfill these requests.
  • Pros: 

    Can earn money and get quick news and photos


    Can we get paid from our own currency?

    Need more users

    Maheesha Ukwatta has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Once I took a photo from a place and made couple bucks. Also used this to watch live traffic when I went to New York.


    I think the app is a bit slow. I created a photo request but didn’t get a response after about a day and I had to cancel my request.


    Sonya Zolfaghari has used this product for one month.
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Asad Molayari
Asad MolayariMaker@amola · Co-founder at Trivyol
Hey PH community, After over a year of hard work, we’re finally launching here on Product Hunt. +1000 users, 100s of public cameras, and 100s of information, photo, & texts requests. Trivyol’s mission to enable instant visibility around the world is becoming reality. If you want specific information from a far away place, that can’t be found on the Internet, you can create a Trivyol request and someone nearby your desired location can fulfill it. Trivyol is great when you want to know how busy restaurants, driver’s license offices (DMVs), malls, and events are, or for seeing how your potential overseas vacation spot really looks like right now. Also, other use cases are for news agencies to get photos of remote incidences right away. Features currently available (on iOS, Android and Web App): ● Make an information request. (via photo and text message) ● Fulfill a request and earn money. ● Access to 1000s of enhanced, live public camera streams by map location. Features to come: ● Panoramic photos ● Video footage and streaming ● Photos taken by drones About Trivyol: We are a tech startup that aims to build a platform for on-demand information. We are very passionate about enabling people to see anywhere in the world in real time. We want to do this with the help of over two billion smartphone users around the world. Thanks to everyone for voting and sharing Trivyol!
Dinesha Ukwatta Premadasa
Dinesha Ukwatta Premadasa@dinesha_ukwatta_premadasa · Software Engineer
Trivyol is a great app which we can earn some money by posting pictures of wanted places and also requesting pictures from anywhere in the world.
Troy Robinson
Troy Robinson@troy_robinson1
Being Tulsa friends with Asad and Tilan and having seen their prototypes, I'm excited to see them launch. They've crafted an effective app for sharing real-time, specific information about a location, business, or event, based on their own needs and the feedback of their users. No longer do people need to drive or fly somewhere to find out trivial information (particularly helpful for news and travel agencies). I look forward to see how their app increases in usefulness as their network of photographers matures and user interface refines.
Asad Molayari
Asad MolayariMaker@amola · Co-founder at Trivyol
@troy_robinson1 Thanks Troy :) You summarized the Trivyol's value proposition pretty well. Yes, the key is to grow the network of our users and we are working on it very hard. Also, we are developing a new UI/UX in Flutter which we're going to release sometimes in May. That is going to be much nicer hopefully.
Amila Premadasa
Amila Premadasa@amila_premadasa
Very interesting concept. This will prove to be very popular once it gets the exposure
Asad Molayari
Asad MolayariMaker@amola · Co-founder at Trivyol
@amila_premadasa Thanks. Yes, we strongly believe in it, and also believe that we're solving a real problem here. The market research and surveys that we've conducted indicate that too.