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What is the differentiator vs others in this space? It was super fast using the demo :)
Thanks :) mainly our accuracy and the breadth of questions we can answer. We also use our UGC data to power our AI which is differentiated.
@bentossell We use our UGC content to power AI. It gets smarter as more people share their travel experiences on the Tripoto community.
@michaelpargal great idea! And smart travel. ;)
@hoangloi Thanks a ton! Glad you like what we've built so far :)
Looks a neat tool
@paul_s_kemp Thanks Paul! Stoked to hear from you. Would love to get more feedback - we're making it smarter every day.
@michaelpargal come and share Tripoto within my Slack community of app entrepreneurs. I'll look out for you on the waiting list
@paul_s_kemp thanks for the invite! I've just joined the community.
This is cool, the demo is really slick and easy to use! I tried asking about the exchange rate and wasn't able to get an answer. Might be a good data point to use.
@dleesta Thanks for trying it out! Exchange rate is something we're looking at, it's not too difficult to implement and we'll have it done soon. :)
@michaelpargal Yes! I'm planning a trip to Iceland so that would be much appreciated :)
@dleesta we'll try to get this feature up before your trip :)
@dleesta We've just added the exchange rate feature. Hope you use it on your Iceland trip :)
Amazing stuff! Instant replies for any place :). Sort of reminds me of which was beta'd a couple of years back. What is the plan ahead, how are you planning to improve/ build upon the tech and how do you plan to monetise?
@kushaaldr The plan is to use the data from the current conversations to make the AI more intelligent and understand the context more accurately. Also we plan to integrate at AI feature in every module of Tripoto. The AI will become the ultimate virtual travel persona for every traveler, enabling seamless travel planning and transactions.
I liked the app!