Tripnary 2.0

Find great places to fly on your budget

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Prince Bhojwani
@princebhojwani · Founder @ Bubcart
Just found a flight for valentines because of this. Dope
@divraj · divraj.com
great job @goelv @abhishekg @r_cajetan. Love all the changes you have made since 1.0. Both value proposition and UX have become stronger. Really like the attention to detail. The smart date picker and budget selector are awesome features which help separate you from other apps in the space . Keep it up ! look forward to seeing regular updates.
Pankaj Tibrewal
@pankajtib · CEO, Chartcube
Superb idea... love being able to see airfares to many destinations at the same time
Nick Vivion
@worldli · Senior Brand Journalist, Sabre.com
One of the things that I've really enjoyed seeing is the curated collections. That gives me an idea of the types of experiences I can have within my budget and home airport. Oftentimes a trip has a purpose - it's not just about getting away but about having a particular type of trip. Very handy to see, and I look forward to how this pans out as far as travel… See more
Aleh Tsikhanau
@ethnoza · Eightydaysme Founder
Nice, similar to Eightydays.me but doesn’t have automatic touring

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