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The folk at Triplebyte built and released a fun version of the programming quiz they use to screen engineers for jobs. This is cool to try out and see how far you can get. You get your score at the end and each question comes with a detailed explanation if you get it wrong so you'll learn some new things along the way. Let the team know if you've any feedback on the question content!
This is awesome! (And as a former Competitive Programmer, I always love a good technical challenge). I really like the neat multiple choice format. Do you also plan to support (or already support) direct coding problems? PS: In Q11, there's a tiny bug in the problem-statement (the last 'email' should be 'password', I think?).
@dojiboy9 Thanks Deon! Ah and good catch, we just fixed that.
Looks great, congratz Triplebyte!
This is the platform every software engineer should know. NO DOUBT.