TripIt Year in Review

Visualize your 2014 TripIt flight history with treemaps

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I made this, would love suggestions to make it better!
@gem_ray great job on the design of this! Would love to see a clean map overview or an abstract distance related graphical overview. I noticed you're behind the design of Branch (and Potluck?) loved the attention to detail in both products. Especially the subtle transitions on Potluck, very impressive. FYI Check out . It's a Potluck-like product I've worked on a while ago before the team moved on to focus on
This is sweet! Here's mine:
@chrismessina Longtime fan of these type of activity summary visualisations. If you haven't already you should check out the @feltron report: I'm still waiting for an app with that sort of detail and beautiful design. btw what's with the 6 x Paris? :)
@PieterPaul I went to Paris twice this year. @gem_ray is that a bug since maybe I had my traveling companion's tickets under my account?
I've made these for the past three years and used them as my Facebook timeline image ( Huge fan of this and all the work of @gem_ray!