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Please put something early on that this is US only! I got as far as the 2-factor-auth setup and I couldn't input a phone number, it didn't even give a hint about what kind of number it should be.
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@willmonk US + Canada for now. We will make this change -- thanks!
You mean not U.S only, Will?! This is why I got a U.S. phone number from Hushed, but I can't connect to a bank as UK banks aren't listed, I can email a statement, but I would rather just enter them manually. I assume the amounts all in dollars for now anyway.
@willmonk It's always the same. Every single day I find an app launch that forgets to mention it's U.S only (and sometimes Canada) and it only becomes clear after reading through lots of details and/or signing up. Chances are we won't hear about it again either.
Hi all -- Thomas & Dan here, cofounders at Trim -- we are totally amazed by the PH response! This is awesome!! We'll be around all day to answer your questions -- keep 'em coming!
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@tjcsmyth How do you cancel the charges? Do you reach out to the institution or just cancel from the bank side?
@joshdance reach out to billers. that's the hard part :)
@tjcsmyth Just clicked the "Lower this premium" button on my auto insurance. I was expecting to see some explanation of what that meant. Instead it just went to "working on lowering this" - that's a little unnerving. Can you explain what's happening here?
@edholloway sorry, that's in beta - I will email you now! It just triggers a notification to us, but no work is initiated.
@tjcsmyth Cool - thanks for quick response!
Is this available to people outside of the UK? Even though it's featured in the Daily Mail, it doesn't look like I can verify a non-US mobile number?
@benwilsondesign not yet but soon!!
So i have been using this for a while. The SMS formatting is not very convenient. i would prefer a native mobile app. there are no options for stopping to track this that i don t want to be tracked (eg things i pay and that don t really disturb me)
@ourielohayon this is super helpful. will add to the list.
Trim is a sweet service. All you have to do is click and recurring billing charges will painlessly disappear. You become a cost-cutting budget mastermind in seconds. It's unreal. (I was dismayed at how unnecessary some expenses seemed once the burden of cancelling them was no longer my own....)