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Hello everyone, Jimi here from Trigger, AGAIN. Just less than two months-ago, we got invaluable insights and feedback HERE, from all the product hunters. Love you all :) Such an amazing community of encouragement and knowledge. The number 1 feedback was: android, Android and ANDROID. It's ready please now! After endless work by everyone at Trigger, we've redesigned a reading experience for everyone's unique reading preference. Flip a switch to go from day to night, where serious news become more chilled. There are also a broad range of categories for catching up on what's happening around each topic. If you want to go deeper, there are collections that provide more context and relevance. For iOS there is also a "overlooked" personalisation feed, which adapts to your reading while providing a social context, i.e. what has surfaced on your twitter and what has not (subjected to a probabilistic model of your reading preference). Your very own 3 minute reading workout. We'd love if you'd check us out and let us know what you think.
Love your use of the App Store screenshots, super clever. Using day/night mode to switch between serious/lighthearted news instead of just being a cosmetic tweak is an awesome feature, I can't believe no one's thought of it before. My only real complaint is that (at least in my mind) the dark theme should pair with the serious news and the light theme with the lighthearted, but in the app it's the other way around.
@bryantpeng thanks for the love:) Design is by @kuoyoulanda!