Comments on “Trigger 3.0
wenjimi@jimiwen · co-founder, community
Hi everyone, I am Jimi. Here at Trigger we're all ravenous consumers of information. We really love some of the existing app solutions but we noticed a few drawbacks. The majority sacrificed timeliness for social relevance or depth. We often got our news later than friends who weren't using aggregators! We also found ourselves living in an increasingly sma… See more
Erik Torenberg@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@jimiwen congrats on the launch guys - what's the biggest challenge you are facing right now?
wenjimi@jimiwen · co-founder, community
@eriktorenberg Hey Erik! Is it a cop out to say "acquiring a million users"? I'd say one of the primary challenges we've faced is localising our product and marketing to different markets. We're a multicultural team based out of Taipei and targeting both Asia and North America. There are unique cultural differences that really change how you need to think a… See more
Taylor S.@taylorscobbie · Marketing, Trigger iOS
Hey, Jimi stole my answer! :)