Tribe 1.0

Walkie-talkie re-invented

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Laurent Desserrey
@ldesserrey · Design at Tribe, Snapchatters, Leak
Remember us? We were here on Product Hunt 9 months ago. Since then, we’ve been heads down working on an even more powerful and convenient version of the original Tribe. We just released Tribe 2.0 a few hours ago on the App Store and Play Store. We are also announcing our $3m seed round, led by the great folks at Sequoia Capital. Take a quick look at the vi… See more


@cyrilpaglino · Building @HeyTribe
Thanks Jonathon for posting! Feels great being here today. Find us easily by typing www.tribe.pm in your mobile browser. Tribe is a five-month old product that we started building in Paris (bare with us as our english improves) and now work on from our new home in SF, where the four of us moved three weeks ago. We remove the pains you experience everyda… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I started playing with the beta a few months ago. Immediately, it reminded me of Taptalk @ogtfaber), Tiiny (cc @kevinrose, @hemeon), Cap, and a few other grid-based photo/video messengers. Some of them saw early success but none appear to have blown up. Why will Tribe work, @cyrilpaglino? cc @kevinrose, @hemeon, @dtrinh, @ogtfaber
Guillaume Castellana
@aooout · CEO @ trekker.fr
Been using Tribe for some time now, mainly to quickly update the rest of my team. Main advantage? Talk as you were in the room. Way faster than Slack or SMS. Keep it up guys!
Vincent Vacher
@vincentvacher · Brand Strategy @Twitter
I've been on the beta test of Tribe, this app is awesome. A whole new way to communicate seamlessly with your friends & family. Congrats team 🙏
Bart Dessaint
@8artd · Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Been using since beta this summer, a few observations: *single tap carves out 'selfie videos messages' from an iMessage or @Snapchat, which require 3-N taps + has the distraction of content improvement/review *asynchronicity makes for a lower pressure FaceTime or a (video) voicemail, you'll actually listen to... *private groups allow for multiple sub-netwo… See more