Tweakable, one-of-a-kind hero images for your next project

Trianglify creates custom low-poly style design assets for your next project. Generate unique, eye-catching images for websites, blogs, and social media. Plenty of options to tweak means you can match your project's style and color scheme. 🎨💥
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🎨 About The Product is a side project I built to make finding abstract backgrounds for my launch pages and blog post headers easier. It saves a lot of time over building patterns by hand, but unlike most stock asset sites it uses a randomized algorithm to give you truly unique results, plus you can match it to your brand with custom color palettes and lots of options for tweaking. You might recognize Trianglify from @moeamaya's excellent Cool Backgrounds project. Under the hood, Cool Backgrounds uses my accompanying open-source library—the development of which is funded via revenue from this product! 🎉 👩‍🌾 About Me My name is Quinn Rohlf, and I'm a roaming software engineer and designer based out of the western US. I'm currently experimenting with different funding models for open-source work - you can read about it at
Wow, man, nice to meet you here! Amazing stuff, used it a few years ago!
Love it!
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