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Triangle & Squares forced me to put this here: "Triangle - Hi human, I'm Triangle. Squares - Hi, I'm Squares. T - What you here for? S - Nice human. Thank you for being here. T - Let's see... Too soon to tell. S - Triangle!!!! T - ok... ok... S - ... S - *whisper* hey human... Don't get mad at Triangle. He might seem a bit grumpy at first but he's the best triangle I have ever met. Give him some time. He's cool. You'll like him too. *whisper* T - *whisper* Squares not that bad for a square either. *whisper* S - Don't mean to bug you since we don't know each other that well but don't forget to tell your friends about us. T- Are you sure Squares? Even more people? S - Yeah. You know we'll also add more stories and friends of our own to this place from time to time, remember? T - Yeah right. As if humans would ever want more triangles & squares on this sticker pack... S - Of course they do. T - ... S - Bye human. S - Triangle...? T - *grump* Right... right... Bye human. *grump* S - ;) T - :P