Make everyone on your team a data beast


Our mission is that your whole team can find answers from your database data, without help from an Engineer.

🚀 Build queries, without code.

🤓 Share results across your team (via Slack, URL or email).

👌 Live-stream results into tools like Google Sheets and Geckoboard.

Trevor takes 2 minutes to set up and works out-of-the-box.

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22 Reviews5.0/5

We have been using Trevor in our Marketing team for over a year and are extremely happy with the product!


Data freedom for teams!


They are improving all the time, so no complaints

Thanks guys! You're the best :-)

We've been using over at Unicorn Hunt for a long while, and we just love what they're are trying to do.

Really helpful to share the visual queries so you're not just slinging over CSV's to get the inevitable blowback.


🙏 Super simple way to interrogate your db


The progress they've made can't be faulted, perhaps better onboarding? 🤷‍♂️

Hey Ben, thanks so much - really appreciate the feedback :D

The speed of improvements made by these guys never ceases to amaze me.

If you fall into the majority category of people who want to access and manipulate key data stored and don't know SQL, don't rush to learn it, just use Trevor.

Super attentive to feedback, detail and requests for help figuring out how to query something a little bit "out there" (by non-Techie standards) - as far as I'm concerned, it's a product and service unrivalled for what it's made to do.


There's a way to do just about everything you could want!


There doesn't seem to be anyone there actually named Trevor...

Thanks so much Vijay! Regarding Trevor, it's only a matter of time... :)

We've used Trevor at Trail for over a year and we only rely on it more - the whole team has access to query customer data, and we even run the majority of our customer-facing dashboards & reports via Trevor feeds (with Slemma). Highly recommended.


Opens your database to everyone in the business


User experience could do with some refinement in places

Running this on our customer database for one month now.

Have spent the last year writing queries / reports for our COO, didn't realise there was something simpler...

Thanks guys!


Super simple to setup, great support, zero-hassle.


BigQuery integration please!! And remote ssh if possible.

That time when someone on another team comes to you wanting to know something in your product data - now I don’t create a spec for it and put it in the engineering queue, I give them access to Trevor. Job done

They’re happy, the engineers are happy, I’m happy, the CEO’s happy.


Easy to pick up to answer many questions

So much easier than more complex expensive tools

Amazing support and continuing development


It can take a little practice to answer more complex questions, but sending them to a spreadsheet gives tons of flexibility

Amazing team behind the product!


Easy to use