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The easiest way for data-driven people to track current Internet trends. Add a beautiful keyword trends chart to every search you make on the web.
Trends Everywhere allows you to track trends every time you search something on google.
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Hello hunters! I made this tool for my own needs while making online keyword research. I've always been a heavy user of google trends, and I've realized I might discover more keyword trends by simply attaching a trends chart for every search I make on google. Since then I've realized: Climate engineering is declining, remote work is on a rise (though past its peak) and I'm not the only smart-ass who though about buying Boeing stocks. Share in the comments what you found out by using this tool! I'd love to add this to the website :) How this works: On every search you make, the extension calls google trends and renders a nice-looking chart with the data returned. And no, I don't track any of your data (feel free to inspect the code). Would love to hear what you think and how this could be improved!
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Simple idea, good implementation.
@grmmph It is a great instrument for creating actual offers!
@mikeyeva Thanks for the reply? What exactly do you mean?
@grmmph I mean that you describe your product in a way that it is actual at your audience when you know trends.
Great product! Just out of curiosity, does the add-on work for other languages too?
@grmmph Thank you for this great add-on!
TrendsEverywhere does what it promises simply and reliably. If you want to see the last 12 month trendline for any topic you search on Google, this Chrome extension will do it. Simple, straightforward. It just works.