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#4 Product of the WeekJune 04, 2019
Each week we show you the white space in the market and how you can capitalize on it. We work to discover market gaps so you can succeed. Brought to you by the team behind The Hustle.
looks interesting but would be great to get a bit more information like an example of a previous weekly newsletter
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@amedeodamore Agree. Like, I want to see what I'm paying for.
@amedeodamore @devindcnn see below, Sam has shared a previous newsletter as an example
Hey everyone. I made this! Am here if there are questions.
@thesamparr when people subscribe, do they get access to the facebook group and past issues?
@thesamparr @_jacksmith I'm curious about this as well
@_jacksmith @kensavage past issues AND FB group!
Trends produces the best market research that I've ever come across. I've found it it to be invaluably insightful. If I were starting a new startup, it's highly likely that I'd be getting my ideas for it from Trends.
@_jacksmith How old is this? when did it launch? have you tried glimpse? how does it compare?
@danirogerc it’s launching today. i haven’t read Glimpse reports, they seem more data centric with graphs and stuff. eg Glimpse has a chart showing that Hims is taking off. Trends had a case study interviewing the Hims founder and employees highlighting how they got successful, which agencies and people they hired, what tactics they used etc.
@_jacksmith Unexpectedly in-depth, I see. Will give it a try then.
@danirogerc yeah - very deep research
Do you have a demo so that I can decide If I should purchase the one-time price or not?
@danirogerc looks like you can cancel within 14 days and get a refund
How do you stack against Glimpse?
@danirogerc Glimpse is great. Subscribing to this too.
@rrhoover I just wish there was a one-time price for this at the start (for early adopters lifetime) instead of an annual based subscription. It's a bit hard to justify for an e-mail per week
@rrhoover @danirogerc or a monthly subscription would be good too
@rrhoover @danirogerc @iamjakestream Hey folks. We may be coming out with more subscription ooptions. Until then, if you're unhappy, just email me and we'll give you your money back.
@danirogerc just to clarify, it's not just one email - the email contains links to in-depth case studies etc