Priyanka Nathani
Priyanka Nathani reviewedTrendBrewThe platform to monetize all your content

Shoppers can shop 1000s of retailers on 1 app, earn purchase rewards, compare prices, wish & receive price drop alerts.


Just launched.

TrendBrew is disrupting the way the rigid and old 'Affiliation model' works. Currently, the way affiliation works is the affiliation agencies have affiliation with retailers; and publishers (which include influencers) need to go through the tedious process of applying for each retailer and getting approved. It cuts the chase for publishers. They are automatically affiliated with all the retailers TrendBrew is affiliated with - No hassle of affiliation. Plus, they start earning commission for influencing purchases.

TrendBrew added 4 big missing pieces to this model.

1. Social

2. Digital

3. eCommerce Catalyst
(compare prices, price drop alerts, wish)list

4. Content - blogs, videos and pictures.

TrendBrew is a platform where Shoppers can follow their favorite influencers, retailers and brand; and shop products from 7000+ retailers on a single platform. It gives power to it’s users to become influencers by setting trends on products they like and linking these products to blogs, videos and pictures.

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