trember video rooms

Decorate canvas, play with sound modes and customize for you

Canvas-based video rooms in your browser with multiple modes:
- Presentation: share your screen(s) and mute everyone else
- Group work: people can hear only those who are close to them on a canvas
- After work: draw, post gifs and pics, watch YouTube together
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Victoria Petrova
EdTech | Video rooms | Social networks
Hi Product Hunters! We are very excited to launch trember today on Product Hunt and to get your feedback. trember – is a canvas-based video conference solution that supports different use cases: for instance, you can organize a webinar there with everyone being on mute, except you, and then have a group work session in the same room, by switching to a special sound mode: everyone will hear only people "close to them". You can also make your meetings more fun by drawing on the canvas, adding pictures, gifs, and videos (that you can watch together). You can share multiple screens on the same canvas and have multiple speakers presenting at the same time. trember works in a browser on laptop and mobile. Just invite your friends and colleagues by sharing a link to the room. Currently, there is no registration required and service is provided for free. We also help companies organize large meetings or conferences for which we have advanced options: registration, invite-only access, and a business card exchange for participants. Your feedback would be really appreciated!
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I used the product for a job interview, two family calls, and one "virtual happy hour" with some friends. it's easy to use, easy to use, and easy to administer. the option to share a youtube video link is a big plus. Trember is a viable alternative to the big Three (Zoom, Skype, Google Meet). all and all I recommend the product for everyone who wants to try out a new way to connect with relatives, friends, and colleagues
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Adelaja FrancisI am a savvy broker and salesperson.
Trember is a multidimensional video calling programme which gives you an unequalled virtual meeting experience. My best feature includes the ability to hold group meetings on the same virtual space. Trember is bae!
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Were you able to handle the ph traffic ok?