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Nikita KorotaevHunter@nikitakorotaev · Incubating products @ Glocal Partners
Congrats to @tobymather and @EmilWallner on launching Treat My Team. Think of them as European version of AnyPerk. Limited to UK right now. Like the consistent visual language. A bit more information about the experience would not hurt though ;)
tobymather@tobymather · Associate, Emerge Venture Lab
Thanks Nikita. I'm 21 and this is my first startup, founded while working part-time at an accelerator called Emerge Venture Lab in London, UK. We're trying to address the problem of startups and larger companies finding affordable, fun workplace activities which improve productivity and culture, from yoga and meditation classes, to workshops, to beer delivery at 5pm on a Friday. In short, we're building the Amazon of workplace experiences, and curating that platform to provide the highest-possible quality of experience. Currently UK only but we'll expand across the pond as soon as humanly possible.
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@tobymather really cool! a way i bootstrapped a startup was to teach rap classes to Quicken Loans, so i'm familiar with the workplace activity space :) a few q's. 1) what are some of the most popular classes you offer? 2) what are the biggest problems with the status quo? 3) what cut do you take / what are your margins? 4) are startups paying? in my experience only bigger companies had enough money (and more of a need) to do these things.
tobymather@tobymather · Associate, Emerge Venture Lab
@eriktorenberg Thanks Erik. Before I answer, I ought to mention we launched c.4 days ago so I'm only just starting to get this off the ground in London, and we're currently adding lots of service providers and their treats to the site - some awesome providers have emailed me asking to go up there which is probably a healthy sign. 1.) the most popular thing so far in terms of hits/social media has been puppy and kitten delivery, which is fulfilled by two animal agencies who usually provide animals for commercials. We've also had lots of interest for our pretzels (because they're free), and meditation classes. 2.) The philosophy behind the site is that the work-life balance is changing - choice of career is now more focused on culture and the environment of the company than just salary or career prospects. I built this to meet the need this provides - companies of all sizes will be looking to do fun things, irregularly (kittens...) or regularly (beer, yoga) to hang out with their colleagues and have a good time in the office, or to boost productivity. The 'status quo' is adapting to this. 3.) This depends on the Treat. 4.) It depends if they are pre- or post-funding. In general startups will pay for cheaper things with a more direct effect on productivity, like yoga classes or beer delivery.
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@tobymather awesome answers - will definitely be following :)
Excellent idea.
Özgür Alaz@ozguralaz · Trend Expert, Founder of @usefulideasnet
I have two questions Who will deliver the service? How will you have your commission from suppliers?
tobymather@tobymather · Associate, Emerge Venture Lab
@ozguralaz There are a ton of awesome people providing awesome experiences out there. It's like Airbnb, but the apartments are cool experiences, and the customers are teams of people. For instance, one of the experiences we're adding soon is a team building curry-making experience, where teams build a wood fire, make the curry, then cook and eat it. That's the kind of stuff I can't wait to get up on the site. As for the second question, we effectively take a booking fee - we save our clients time and money by getting good deals from the providers, and making them easy to book, and we can just take a small slice from that saving.
Vamshi MokshagundamHiring@vammok · Cofounder, Siftery
The list looks like it is mostly hand-picked / manually curated. Do you plan to bring in some kind of a reviews or a kudos system soon? I always look for reviews on Airbnb even when I know most of them are lazy reviews.
tobymather@tobymather · Associate, Emerge Venture Lab
@vammok Thanks for the feedback. Yes. The curation element is there and probably will stay there, but we're adding a reviews system.