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A macOS app that simplifies recording and producing marketing videos for your mobile, web and desktop apps.

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Hi guys, this is Marko, I’m the macOS developer behind Trailer app. I started developing Trailer because I wanted better tools to record and publish iOS app preview videos for App Store, Twitter etc. The original inspiration were open source projects and dribbble videos from Ramotion, which present iOS apps on a slanted perspective iPhone mockup. At the time I had a couple of friends that did After Effects and Premiere, but didn’t want to bother them every time I wanted to make a video for an app feature I wanted to post on Twitter. Quicktime + iMovie combination is great, but is really limited with options, so I made a proof of concept for Trailer in about a week, and that’s how it all started 😅 Trailer helps you enhance your app videos by presenting them in a more natural perspective than just a simple head on screen. Also, Trailer’s export options are constrained to standards of social media platforms, so you won’t have to lose time thinking and googling about constraints for every platform. Designers will appreciate the open file format .trailertemplate, with which you can distribute or sell your creations to your clients for them to use. Trailer comes with a bunch of free features out of the box 🎥 Video recording from iOS and macOS devices 🖥 Powerful video editor for creating mockup templates 📱 8 beautiful iOS device templates 🚢 Batch exporting for popular sites including iTunes Connect, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram And when you license it: 💦 Export videos without a watermark Soon we plan to roll out: 🔥custom gradients 🔥full timeline for sound and video + transitions 🔥text support 🔥keyframe animations 🔥image and video effects 🔥we also have special features planned which we will reveal as we go. We’re a really small bootstrapped team (Shiv, Marko and I), but we’re determined to bring you reliable, fast and best in class macOS software for your iOS, macOS, Android or Web app marketing needs. Trailer starts at $50/year per user, but we will price it accordingly. For our Product Hunt launch we are also including a special offer of coupons, which will buy you a first year subscription at a lower price. - First year 80% off subscription - PRODUCTHUNT80 (50 coupons until gone) - First year 50% off subscription - PRODUCTHUNT50 (100 coupons until gone) - First year 30% off subscription - PRODUCTHUNT30 (200 coupons until gone) Ask us any questions, we’d be happy to answer 🤗
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@markohlebar Do you think you could get some templates specifically designed for gaming. In particular i'd like two videos next to each other showing this or that, with a bar down the middle. I'd also like the ability to have full screen action that then quick cuts to some other in game/app action. Would be super useful! Also if you set it up to also export for FB video Ads I think you would massively increase your market, exports should be 1:1, 4:5, 16:9, 9:16 and you cover almost every ad platform.
@markohlebar I just bought it as I think it will be super useful for me. One small ask is that eventually you get it listed on the mac app store, simply for the distribution angle it make it so much easier. Licences can still be bought through your site or via the mac app store, but it just makes moving macs, keeping it updated and generally using it so much easier. Great idea - Think Gaming 😉
@kinnth thanks so much Tom! We are planning to launch on additional platforms, including App Store very soon, if all goes according to plan. Also as far as gaming / multiple screen support goes, we are going to be adding objects / timeline support so it should make it much easier for designers to design templates to their liking. We are adding microphone recording support later this week, also thinking about camera input for greenscreen streamers. Also, great input on the additional export options. We are generally thinking about adding a custom export options tool, where you can build / save your custom export frames, along with covering more platforms like dribbble etc.
It looks great! I wonder, why you made a subscription license for a year? I mean, it's a great tool, but just a tool. It should be at a fixed price, that you want, like $50.
@alexey_bukhtin thanks Alexey! We are still considering the price range, and pricing options. We'll collect data, see what our customers find acceptable, and react accordingly. Subscription model is nice because it should give us at least some confidence that we can continue having a steady-ish year to year cash influx so we can continue developing this.
@markohlebar thanks for your message. Maybe I missed it, but it doesn't look that required years of development :)
@alexey_bukhtin you'd be surprised ;) also, this is not the end, just the beginning 🔥
@markohlebar maybe that's the problem. I didn't find your roadmap :) Anyway, it's a great tool. I wish you good luck!
@alexey_bukhtin that's spot on, thanks Alexey!

Nice easy to use app. I'm already fed up with mobile apps so it's nice to see something that works on desktop too.


Easy to use


More templates would be nice

Hey Csaba, thanks for trying out Trailer! We will definitely be rolling out more templates for Mac, iPad and Android devices. Also we have made it super simple for customers to make their own templates, and for designers to distribute them with .trailertemplate files.
I was JUST asking my team what tool we could use to make our user tutorial video yesterday! We're checking out Trailer now, and we're already excited by the options and ease of use. Thanks for creating exactly what we needed, the day we need it.
@danabrain that's awesome, keep us posted if you need any help or have feature requests 😊
@markohlebar I just tried to make a video using the free option. It's simple and intuitive, but it crashed several times on its own before I could even choose a template, and I had to restart it to get functionality several times (e.g. to get the 'continue' button on the start screen to function, to get my phone connected, to get record to work). Wondering if you are aware of these bugs? Any suggestions?
@danabrain sorry to hear that, and thanks for reporting! We will definitely check our crash reports and try to squash those crashes in our next release 🙂unfortunately, there are so many different configurations and systems, it's hard to fix all the issues before the release, but we do our best. I'll keep you posted on those fixes!
Please add Dribbble export.. I'll use it all the time.. Right now this tool is a one and done thing I'd use sparingly and it wouldn't be worth the money for me. It would be nice if it was just 1x per yr licensing fee like Sketch, Flinto..etc or something.
@koridhandy thanks! added "Dribbble export card" to Trello 🤩 as for the pricing, you can use the app free of charge, but there is a subscription license paywall for advanced features, which for now is only exporting without watermark, but we will be adding a lot of those features in the coming weeks / months.