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Hey everyone! One of the biggest questions we get is “how do you build up a MASSIVE web following from scratch” and we realized that there wasn’t a really strong introductory resource that you could point new hopefuls towards. So we made Traffic1M. Happy to answer any questions you guys have, and hopefully some of the other authors will jump in as well.
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Website looks very spammy. And the post-submit experience is even worse. First you ask to tweet, then you ask to send an email (without mentioning it on the first step). Cheeky spammy stuff. But, out of curiosity I signed up regardless. But I'm guessing these are the same tricks you will be teaching to people to get traffic?
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I opted for the Email1k course and it was pretty solid. Thus I have no doubts this one will rock just as hard :)
@timsoulo Awesome to hear Tim =)
I'm stoked to a contributor to this!
@pjrvs Paul, Thanks so much for contributing. Can't wait to share your knowledge (aka steal your brainz)
Tactic #27 Get featured on Product Hunt; get over 1000 Upvotes to make the monthly most favorited email from PH. Drive even more people to Free offer and capture email. Give them free valuable information in a drip campaign and then convert them to subscription model for execution tool to implement said tactics. BAM! $ ;) (not meant as a slam Noah, hat tip)