TradingView is a social platform for traders and investors (think Bloomberg and LinkedIn rolled into one). Free charts for financial markets and talk to over 1,500,000 traders about trading ideas in real-time.

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12 Reviews5.0/5
Benjamin Lupton
Founder, Bevry
I’ve setup an automated trading solution based on Trading View over at
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Interactive online charts with free real-time data. Embed charts into any blog or forum and they update themselves. Share insight, comment and follow others.
Nicolo S
Founder/CEO -
Have been using this for years 👍 one of the best designed price tracking products I know!

I started using TV when I started paying more attention to the cryptocurrency market. Since I started using TV, I have become a bit smarter about my investing practices and have started looking at stocks using the tool, not just cryptos.


Great analysis tools, vibrant community, customization


Slight learning curve, especially if you aren't versed in financial securities and the respective tools.

Kai Gradert
Designer at AngelList/Product Hunt
I am a big fan of TradingView. It took me a few attempts to warm up to it, but now it is part of my daily toolkit. Features on my wishlist: * Support for more brokerage accounts, e.g., USAA * Import positions from brokerage accounts for automated portfolio tracking * Trending alerts for individual watchlists and entire portoflio * Custom alerts per watchlist. Setting up alerts for individual stocks is good, but it gets tedious if you track many positions.
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