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Invest Theory has been a boon for me. The community is very helpful, and always open to answer questions. They shoot if straight as well when they believe that you're making the wrong call (either they'll joke with you, cry with you, or even laugh with you). They're just solid folks.

Brad and Mike are the real deal as well. They will periodically make short, easily digestible video analysis of their trades and are also exceptionally cool.

What's not there? There's like minded folks that want to make money and help you make money. There's educational materials for you to absorb at your own pace. There's a cool voice chat to chat with fellow folks (sometimes you get to listen in on hilarious rants, but mostly listen to cool music that's streamed). What else? There doesn't seem to be anything missin.

Join us and make a couple friends. See ya soon


great group of folks

all levels welcome

funny chat


life changing


we want more folks to join the discussion.. <<not a con in any way

I am new to stock market. People in Invest theory help each other and we learn to grow together. since I am new, I am always afraid that my decision is not correct so Brad and others always there to help. I really appreciate that I have joined the discord


friendly enviroment


hmm i haven't seen one yet.

@phuongn96 I trade options and use for their option trade alerts and now their one on one service. Its def an investment. I made over $300K this year and I am done with my year. I have had always losing years trading myself but found this service its really good.

When I first joined the investheory community I was pretty clueless about the stock market and trading options. Luckily there was a ton of free content posted by one of the administrators that helped me get my feet wet. This free content consisted of short, easy-to-understand videos, and a guide on learning the basics.

Soon after paper trading for a little and combining the educational content from the Investheory community, everything clicked and I was ready to play with some big boy money. However, I was still not too sure about how to enter trades that could yield some good percents. This is where Investheory community shined. The community is in simpler terms, a school of traders where we share ideas, news, tips and tricks, and educational material to help each other make profitable trades. But as we make these trades together, it’s an unique experience in learning how to set up betrer trades in the future and how to minimize our losses. I highly sugged joining!


- Overall a great community with great minds

- Free educational content about stocks , technical analysis for an easier trading experience


- Running out of money to make more trades!

All skill levels traders are welcomed, I don't know much about options but I am learning alot. Also the guy Birdie in there is really cool


The community is a great place to interact with other traders and analyze their way of thinking about the markets.


Needs more people! come join us. It's free!

I found this group by chance and has helped me learn about the stock market, overall market quality and how options really work.


Friendly team, helpful videos and overall good environment


I lose money sometimes