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Tradeary is a web app that helps people become the best investors they can be.
Traders can learn what causes their biggest losses and gains, and repeatedly do the things that most consistently lead to profit.
Trade. Learn. Adjust. Repeat.
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The statistics shown at the top of the dashboard make it so clean and understandable, my issue with trading has always been getting lost in the numbers!
Hey PH'ers! Thanks for checking out Tradeary! I created Tradeary based on my personal needs. I had some success in trading, but also had plenty of losses - too many for my liking. I realized that while I did learn after making some trades, I was learning inefficiently. I realized that I should be focusing on learning by making it part of my process. Similar to how a retrospective is done after each iteration in Agile (or how processes with quality checks using Plan-Do-Check-Act), if I was going to be serious about improving, I needed to make it part of the process that I reflected on each trade. I started logging in Excel, but found if wasn't robust enough. For some trades, I wanted to log many reasons why I did something (i.e. entered or exited), but sometimes I only had a single reason. For all of these variables, I wanted to see the returns so I could try to better isolate what worked, and what didn't. I also wanted to upload charts so I could annotate and remember exactly what I was seeing on charts. In addition, sometimes I wanted to add comments on trades, or create journals to record things like my market/stock projections. So I ended creating Tradeary for myself in hopes that others find it useful as well. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts. Thanks! Ryan
@ryanachin this seems like a cool idea; but not very practical that you have to manually enter each trade one by one. Seems like it could be much more useful if it integrated with Robinhood or whatever and auto-pulled in your trade history. site is also lacking any form of customer support or what to contact from what I can see
@_jacksmith Thanks for the feedback Jack! Yes, importing trades was definitely a consideration. It may be something done down the road. From the point of instilling discipline, it seems preferable (at least to me), to enter the trade close to the time you enter it, otherwise people will be tempted to bulk import only on occasion (and won't develop the discipline to create their trade plan - stops, take profit targets). However, I understand the ease of use standpoint, as well. For customer support, there should have been a Drfit chat window that popped immediately upon arriving at the site. Did that not occur for you?
@ryanachin no, I didn't see any drift chat window. Especially not when I was logged into my dashboard. RE "people will be tempted to bulk import only on occasion", why not just have it as a continuous integration then?
@_jacksmith Hmmm. I'm not sure about the chat window. It was there for me when I just checked - incognito and normal. I'll have a couple of others look. CI is definitely something to look at. I kind of want to see the data to understand where the users are trading from (geography) and asset type first. From there I'll think about which platforms/brokers to integrate with.
Tamir Zoltovski (from the finance industry) says, "There are two prices which are decisive for any investor to know i.e. the recent investment price he/she owns and its future selling price. Regardless of this, investors are continuously reviewing earlier pricing history and using it to manipulate their future investment choices." Some investors will not buy a stock or index, which has increased too sharply, because they presume it's due for a correction, while other investors stay away from a falling stock because they panic it will keep on deteriorating.