Get alerted when your startup/phrase is mentioned on Reddit

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pretty neat. we should have one for Product Hunt too :)
@rrhoover not quite as robust quite yet, but it's open source if anyone wants to help build it out a little more :)
Really helpful. I see some brands (startup & corporate alike) absolutely decimated in threads. I've had some fun exchanges with some hunted startups who wisely monitor Reddit, though. :)
Anyone have good suggestions for social listening software for small biz that tracks comments, forums, etc. more generally speaking (and a reasonable price!)? Radian 6 is presumably expensive and I'm not even sure if it tracks outside of social media.
@jacobsmith88 may be overkill but datasift has a lot of interesting possibilities.
@jacobsmith88 is effective and has SMB priced plans
@eric3000 Thanks for the suggestion. I just started using Mention, actually. They have a great free product as well. It works pretty darn well, but it also pulls in a lot of junk that just happens to sort of contain the same keywords that I'm looking for. Does the trick, and definitely the best product that I've come across so far. I'm also looking into these guys right now, if anyone's heard anything:
@ryandawidjan thanks, I'll check it out!
@jacobsmith88 ahem. forgive the pitch but this is what we do @vendorsi --help businesses figure out what marketing tools to buy. We'd love to help you in your search. Social Media has hundreds of companies in the space and it's time consuming to try them one at a time. happy to discuss more: Our social media tool is in beta right now and I'd love to get your take on its usefulness in your search and how we can improve.
Interesting... Starts turning some wheels in my head. Cool stuff. Thanks for sharing.
@dhulser looking forward to seeing what you folks are brewing up at reddit. Alexis teased the mobile app a little on the Product Hunt podcast. Cannot wait. :)
Fun stuff. I'd love to be able to have multiple people alerted by email as we have a globally distributed team and I'm sometimes too asleep to share when an event is breaking.
@mgelgota if you're team use gmail/google apps you could make a group email address
@_jacksmith Nice idea, Jack. Thinking about it, there are a few workarounds would make this issue pretty trivial. Thanks!