Keep track of the time you spend on websites

#4 Product of the DayMay 10, 2015
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Scared to download it haha!
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@laurent_sabbah There’s a more visually appealing Webtime Tracker - Use it: - Hunt it: (Disclaimer: I’m the developer)
Is there an alternative to it being on the new tabs page? I use that for Panda 4 :(
I second that @zsr5 as I'm so used to seeing the beautiful pictures of momentum :-( - keen to get the info but would rather it was an extension that I could just click on the browser rather than hit me all the time like that.
@zsr5 Yeah! I was a little shocked when it took away my beautiful 'New Tab' page. I'd love a little dropdown or info displayed in a new tab if you choose.
@zsr5 @helencrozier @nathenmcvittie I am soon releasing an option to move the graph display from the new tab page to a browser icon in the menu bar, so please stay tuned! 😃
Hello everyone! My friend and I made this Google Chrome extension to track our productivity online. Hopefully, it can help some of you out as well! 😃
@srikarg_ of course you now have to share what site you spend the most time on. 😀
@rrhoover Let's just keep that a secret...*Facebook*...What? You heard nothing. 😅
@srikarg_ I read a long article about Slack use last night, and apparently the top 15% of programmers are, on average, the most social on FB/Slack/wherever else.
Does it track the websites that are open, or the ones that have activity? I keep a Gmail tab open all day, for instance, but rarely ever use it.
@aaronmckeehan It only tracks active tabs that you are currently using. So no, it would not keep track of the inactive Gmail tab that you keep open all day...
@srikarg_ I wonder if it's possible to add that as a feature of some sort down the road. I used to own an Order Fulfillment company and productivity tracking was really important to our operations. Trackers like this are pretty helpful to that end.
@aaronmckeehan I'll definitely consider that feature! However, I'm curious; how would tracking inactive tabs be useful for companies such as the one you described?
@srikarg_ For myself I really wanted to know what I most often work on. Its easy to go from task to task, without much thought about what I was really working on. If I could track what I was really working on, then I could compare that to the projects I was working towards finishing; essentially how much time am I putting towards the projects I am trying to complete vs the busy work, or random distraction. In regards to my business I wanted to monitor the fine details such as how long was facebook, youtube, or pandora used, so I could better estimate average order fulfillment timelines. Also I wanted to track order deficiencies vs average time spent using social media to see if there was real empirical validity behind blocking social media. I think knowing what is inactive vs active, may help create more accurate data for people that are crazy about me.
Awesome! But kill my PH welcome page :( I'd love to see the global time spend on the web.