TrackJS JavaScript Error Monitoring

Discover the bugs in your web applications and fix them fast


TrackJS gives you context about what's happening in your end-users' browsers. The Telemetry timeline recreates all the application, network, and user activity that leads to an error. The stack trace processing shows you the code you need to investigate.

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The team at TrackJS are really helpful. This is a quality product that will make any browser based product better.


Easy to set up and use, valuable information to help with fixing client side bugs


A little pricey for small projects


TrackJS has been very helpful for finding bugs on a production sites before they are reported by users. I haven’t used the competition recently but when I first settled on trackjs was because it was by far the easiest to set up and get started on for browser-based js apps.


Easy to install, clear & detailed info about errors


No screenshots or mouse tracking. May need to set up come custom tracking to trackjs for unusual cases.

TrackJS is definitely the best browser errors reporting tool I have ever used! I have tried Newrelic, Muscula and custom solutions but none of them could compete with TrackJS.

The most valuable feature for us is "Users impacted" overview, which basically defines the priority of error, also it helps to filter our the noise that comes from different browser extensions that users have. Great product!


Clean stack traces, telemetry timeline, users impacted overview, different reports and notifications


Minor thing - source map support can be better.

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When I started with TrackJS 7 months ago I wrote a Medium article explaining our integration with this tool, which has remained consistent to this point.


Provides great visibility into web apps & PWAs. Allows better decisions & info (e.g. a release introduces or fixes a specific bug).


Would love more useful data on buttons/links for the HTML that frameworks like Angular Material generate, but this is easily worked around.

Front-end at iFood

We moved all frontend applications to TrackJS and it has helped us to make incredibly helpful improvements, with impact measurements, fast feedback, alerts, filtering, groups, etc. We've run some benchmarks including other competitors, considering lots of aspects, and TrackJS was our best bet. And I'm really glad to endorse TrackJS - it has helped us a lot!


We were using New Relic, but we couldn't find, filter, detail, or measure our frontend issues there.


It's lacks on some advanced views or advanced actions, but their awesome support and fast growth helps in this point.

Tech Lead at

Have used this product for a couple of years now very pleased with it and get fast feedback with any issues


Great for monitoring errors for our react front end. This is our main tool for error logging


mobile app would be good

After evaluating over 5 other offerings our company decided to choose TrackJS for its price and its data flexibility. The ability to tag error messages with additional metadata like isInternalUser has helped us prioritize issues and helped us better plan our workload.
I think is a really great tool tool that is super easy to integrate. Ever since we deployed it onto our open source academic tool, it's been giving us good telemetry on where our client side application has been crashing and its made it easier for us to track/reproduce all of the different bugs that keep coming up as we keep adding features to our tool.
An excellent product, much better than Rollbar or any other products. Great Minneapolis-based team!