Track data with beautiful and customizable heatmaps

#4 Product of the DayMarch 05, 2016
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Hi hunters! This is my first product in the field of web applications / development. I developed this throughout a month of coding after work and It was meant to be just an exercise in learning the Meteor framework - really stoked to see this here. Thanks for checking this out and thanks to @ozgrozer for the feature!
Nice start, but lacks some critical features - 1) Different views - Monthly, weekly, yearly 2) Notes support - All tracking tools need basic notes support. To capture your thoughts and progress. Hope to see these features soon! Awesome idea though :)
@nikhilsv92 I don't think notes are needed at all.
@nikhilsv92 Thanks for the feedback! The track already supports monthly and yearly views - you can change them with the "zoom" button on the track options (the little cog). I've had a few requests for notes, so that's definitely being considered!
Love this. I've been dabbling in this space too recently. Visualizing 'streaks' is a super simple but surprisingly effective device for habit-building.
@hameto_ you're right. Seeing my success/streak is really motivating and is more powerful than we might think.
@hameto_ Thanks, I agree - from personal experience visualizing streaks has always been extra effective when building habits or getting rid of addictions.
Always end up doing this on excel haha --- great product, I'm jumping right in !
@samir_doshi Ahah thanks! Happy tracking!
Cool. Any plans to integrate some automation? I've never done this but it seems like it would get tedious after a while.
@jeffrey_wyman I'm still in early development to consider functionality like that, but that's an idea worth considering (had a few others suggesting that). Even if I believe half of the fun is coming back and see your track growing every day .