Comprehensive Coin Tracking Hub & Crypto Trade Journal

Track A Coin is a professional crypto trading toolbox.

It's a hub - Analyze market price action & volume. Locate & click off to your favorite exchange, charting & research sites.

It's a Journal - After auto-importing history, it's up to you to keep things up to date. This helps to reflect & improve over time.

It also alerts, tracks, and it's free.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
This looks impressive so far Josh, is there an option for a public portfolio link? What about syncing with exchanges? Better highlighting of the "i" section would help in the event of interrupting the tutorial. I imagine there will be a premium version before long, correct? I wonder what the premium features will be. I think the calculator could be better. I mean it's not a calculator, it's a currency converter. To improve it, I would add features that answer the question "what price should I sell X at if I buy now in order to achieve 10% profit?" Perhaps you could even take it further using chart indicators such as RSI to make a prediction and 'smart alert' that says when a change in currency direction is likely.